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Harry kicked it, achieving nothing but an excruciating pain in his big toe. ,,  "A great matter, truly.!,...  When, much later, "Uncle" rode up to Nicholas and began talking to him, he felt flattered that, after what had happened, "Uncle" deigned to speak to him. ,  While she was forgetful of him, he had found her again!.246 INT -- ANDY'S CELL -- NIGHT (1966) 246.

  He wanted no more of them. He was determined not to return to the Gorbeau house.,,  "Well, go, go! If anything more is wanted I'll send after you."!  "Eh? Yes, I heard something: he said something awkward in His Majesty's presence.",  "Every country has its own character," said he.!...

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  But before the words were well out of his mouth, his cap flew off and a fierce blow jerked his head to one side.,  The child did not breathe.,  Besides these Russians and foreigners who propounded new and unexpected ideas every day- especially the foreigners, who did so with a boldness characteristic of people employed in a country not their own- there were many secondary personages accompanying the army because their principals were there.,CHAPTER XVI ......  Certainly, he had nothing against her.,  After dinner Natasha went to her room and again took up Princess Mary's letter. "Can it be that it is all over?" she thought. "Can it be that all this has happened so quickly and has destroyed all that went before?" She recalled her love for Prince Andrew in all its former strength, and at the same time felt that she loved Kuragin. She vividly pictured herself as Prince Andrew's wife, and the scenes of happiness with him she had so often repeated in her imagination, and at the same time, aglow with excitement, recalled every detail of yesterday's interview with Anatole.,He forced himself to think of Black, and only Black, and began to chant: ^Expecto patronum! Expecto patronum! ̄ !

? Leo Tolstoy,  First the man in the tight trousers sang alone, then she sang, then they both paused while the orchestra played and the man fingered the hand of the girl in white, obviously awaiting the beat to start singing with her. They sang together and everyone in the theater began clapping and shouting, while the man and woman on the stage- who represented lovers- began smiling, spreading out their arms, and bowing.,  And then, when two lovers have come to an understanding, things always go well; the third party who might disturb their love is kept in a state of perfect blindness by a restricted number of precautions which are always the same in the case of all lovers. Thus, Cosette never objected to any of Jean Valjean's proposals. Did she want to take a walk?!LastIndexNext;. ...

  Will she forever summon in vain to her assistance the lance of light of the ideal?...CHAPTER XXVI ,  "Rostov, where are you?", ,,;  An infantry regiment which had left Tarutino three thousand strong but now numbered only nine hundred was one of the first to arrive that night at its halting place- a village on the highroad. The quartermasters who met the regiment announced that all the huts were full of sick and dead Frenchmen, cavalrymen, and members of the staff. There was only one hut available for the regimental commander.;

On the other side, the commodities of usury are. First, that howsoever usury in some respect hindereth merchandising, yet in some other it advanceth it: for it is certain, that the greatest part of trade is driven by young merchants, upon borrowing at interest: so as if the usurer either call in, or keep back his money, there will ensue presently a great stand of trade. The second is, that were it not for this easy borrowing upon interest, men\'s necessities would draw upon them a most sudden undoing; in that they would be forced to sell their means (be it lands or goods) far under foot; and so, whereas duty doth but gnaw upon them, bad markets would swallow them quite up. ,  "How like his father he is," Pierre interjected....LastIndexNext,Many ill matters and projects are undertaken; and private suits do putrefy the public !... ,  It was what is said in the bower, a prelude to what will be said in the chamber; a lyrical effusion, strophe and sonnet intermingled, pleasing hyperboles of cooing, all the refinements of adoration arranged in a bouquet and exhaling a celestial perfume, an ineffable twitter of heart to heart.,...!  "The tilbury."!

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